3A Friday Note

Dear 3A Parents,

We had an interesting and fun visit today at Awbury Arboretum. The weather was cloudy but it was warm and the foliage is beautiful! We learned about Lenape food and took turns flipping corn cakes on a griddle. Everyone enjoyed eating the corn cakes which were slightly sweetened with maple syrup. Most of our group also enjoyed the Cranberry Crumble. We have the recipes for anyone interested in trying them at home.

Questions to ask your child:

  • What are the “three sisters?” 
  • What does Lenapehoking mean? 
  • What reading goal did you set for yourself this week? 
  • What is the November calendar about? 
  • What happened at the end of Mysteries According to Humphrey? 
  • What did you do in your family circle? 
  • What is the radicle on a germinated seed? 
  • What are quotation marks and how do writers use them? 
  • What are the meanings of “there,” “their,” and “they’re?”

Thanks to all of you who came in for parent conferences. We appreciate your partnership! Have a great weekend.


Miriam and Suzanne