3A Weekly Note

Dear 3A Parents,

In reading workshop this week we began working on finding the main idea in a passage of text. The children have learned that the main idea of a paragraph is not always at the beginning - it can be at the end or even hiding in the middle! Learning to distinguish main idea from supporting details is a foundational skill. You can give your child practice developing this skill by asking him or her to tell you the main idea of a passage they’ve just read and how they know it’s the main idea.

This weekend ask your child

  • about the ending of The Birchbark House 
  • what a pit school was 
  • how his or her multiplication work is going 
  • how his or her nonfiction piece is going 
  • whether ice is more or less dense than water and how we know 
  • what songs s/he is learning in music 
  • how recorder playing is going 
  • about the percussion performance at today’s Encuentro 
  • what friendship tools our book buddies shared with us today
  • what bead breathing is and how it can help you

Links to our March conference sign-up were emailed earlier today. Please schedule your classroom conference as soon as possible; and remember, the specialists would love to see you, too.


Miriam and Josh