3A Weekly Note

Dear 3A Parents,

Today was a gorgeous day at the Schuylkill Center! We collected and examined seeds in the meadow, learned about the parts of the plant life cycle, and began to think about the many ways that seeds are dispersed.

Writing workshop this week has been especially exciting. Our young writers were introduced to four strategies for “telling it with a storyteller’s voice,” which include description, dialogue, “show not tell,” and “thoughtshots.” We are proud of the ways many of them have been experimenting and of everyone’s increased stamina for writing!

Ask your child...

  • about storyteller strategies she or he has tried
  • about our classroom science investigation with fruits and seeds
  • about the stages in the plant cycle and the ways seeds move away from the parent plants
  • about the Water Cycle books the 8th graders made and shared with us
  • what three things third grade mathematicians need to do when they solve a word problem
  • about our discussions of ways it’s okay to touch classmates and ways it’s not okay - and also what consequences we are considering
  • what he or she learned about perspective or point of view from this week’s theme activities, including the Four Square story, the Duck Rabbit book, and statements about worms!
  • The song we sang at today’s Encuentro and what it means to "count on someone"

Enjoy the weekend (and the photos below)!


Miriam and Suzanne