3A Friday Note

Dear 3A Parents,

We hope you have a lovely Memorial Day weekend! Please remember that we are leaving for our trip to the Baltimore Museum of Industry promptly at 8:15am on Tuesday morning. We will line up to board the bus at 8:00. Please note: Although electronics such as ipods and ipads are permitted on the bus, phones are NOT. Teachers will be in touch with the office if it is necessary. It is always an exciting and interesting trip and we are all looking forward to it!

This weekend, ask you child

  • What s/he learned about Cesar Chavez and his work to help migrant farmworkers 
  • To tell you about The Story of X (Read the story here!) http://www3.delta.edu/cmurbano/bio199/AIDS_Sexuality/BabyX.pdf) 
  • Which poem s/he recorded on MicNote 
  • About the videos of Misty Copeland and his/her persuasive essay on whether a ballet dancer is an athlete or an artist 
  • The self-assessments s/he did this week 
  • About our ongoing work with geometry 
  • What crayfish structures s/he labeled on the crayfish diagram


Miriam and Josh