3A Weekly Note

Dear 3A Parents,

This was a very exciting day! In the morning we had Family Circles Mystery activities focused on pirates! There was a presentation on pirates by educators from the Independence Seaport Museum. Students also learned a sailor song and dance and did a “pirate treasure” scavenger hunt at the playground. Make sure to ask your child all about it!

Then in the afternoon we worked on a create-your-own-seed project to demonstrate what we’ve learned about seed dispersal. And after that our third graders finally got to meet their kindergarten book buddies and read to them!

This weekend, you can also ask your child about…

  • our trip to Bartram’s Garden - what interesting trees we saw, what we learned about the Bartram family, and the leaf printing project we did. 
  • what are some words we can use in our writing instead of “said.” 
  • the different kinds of angles we have on the polygons on our calendar. 
  • how many lines of symmetry a square has. 
  • what seeds we are getting to germinate in the petri dishes. 
  • what is inside a seed. 
  • the different perspectives we explored about the story of Columbus. 
  • how the word work assessment went

Enjoy the beautiful fall weather!


MIriam and Suzanne