3A Weekly Note

Dear Families,

Many thanks to all of you who joined us today for the Lenape presentation. The children were so excited to share all their hard work with you! At the end of the day it was especially wonderful to hear many of them congratulating their classmates on a job well done. We are indeed proud of them!

Please remember about concert dress for the December 15 Winter Concert. Students should come to school that day wearing red on top (ideally solid red or TPS t-shirt) and black on the bottom. If students do not have black pants, they should wear the darkest possible pants they have. Girls may wear a red dress, but not black.

This weekend ask your child

  • what surface tension is and how many drops of water s/he was able to get to stay on a penny 
  • about the improv, step dance, and percussion performances at today’s Encuentro 
  • how yesterday’s word work assessment went 
  • how solving addition and subtraction word problems is going and what new strategies we’ve practiced 
  • about the characters we’ve met so far in our small reading group books 
  • why kindness is important and how being treated unkindly can make it hard for someone to learn 
  • what songs you will hear third grade sing at next week’s Winter Concert

Enjoy the weekend - and Happy Chanukah to those of you who've been celebrating!


Miriam and Josh