3A Friday Note

Dear 3A Parents,

Thank you to all of you for the amazing less-than-24-hour turnaround time for the Pennsbury trip permission slips! We were so happy that we didn't have to leave anyone behind. We hope you heard an interesting report about the impressive replica of William Penn's manor house - not to mention the challenges of writing with a quill pen.

After Parent Conferences we will be launching our study of the Lenni Lenape, the Native Americans who lived in this area when Penn arrived. Next Friday, Nov. 6, we will be visiting Awbury Arboretum in Germantown for their Lenape Life and Culture program. We will be hiking the arboretum grounds and learning about how the Lenape used various plants. We will also do a cooking activity focused on Native American foods. (Awbury is within the City limits, so no additional permission form is needed!)

This weekend ask your child about...

  • the different leads she or he wrote in writing workshop (hints: dialogue, action, and sound) 
  • our seed dispersal exhibit 
  • what we learned from our science book about why oak trees produce more acorns some years than others 
  • what is happening with our seeds that germinated 
  • what it means if two lines are parallel 
  • how we use open number lines to solve math problems 
  • what we learned about perspective by studying photographs of playgrounds from around the world 
  • how traveling in William Penn's time was different from today
  • the Halloween candy math challenge

Have a great weekend - and happy Halloween to those of you celebrating!


Miriam and Suzanne