3A Friday Note

Dear 3A Parents,

Today at the Schuylkill Center we did a short seed scavenger hunt and had a lesson about a tree’s life cycle and the importance of biodiversity. Please remember to do a thorough tick check!

Monday was Columbus Day so we read the book Encounter, Jane Yolen’s imagined account of Columbus landing on the Taino island of Guanahani in 1492. The story is told from the perspective of a Taino boy. Next week we will look at some other perspectives on the Columbus story and compare and contrast them.

Next Thursday, Oct. 22, we will be visiting Bartram’s Garden. We plan to leave school at about 9:15 and return at about 12:30. Bartram’s Garden was founded by John Bartram who purchased the land in 1728 and began what was to become the most varied collection of North American plants in the world. This trip connects both to our theme study of the Colonial period and to our science study of seeds and the plant cycle. For more information about Bartram’s Garden go to http://bartramsgarden.org/.

This weekend, ask your child

  • what s/he drew or wrote about Columbus in his or her theme journal 
  • what some of the mysteries are that Humphrey the hamster is trying to solve in our read aloud book 
  • to describe the pattern on the October calendar 
  • what the word “dormant” means and what it has to do with seeds 
  • what biodiversity is and why it’s important 
  • about our celebration of Hispanic Heritage month this morning at Encuentro 
  • to tell you the sentence s/he decided to use to start his or her “ouch” story 
  • about his or her reading partner conversation 
  • about World Food Day and Free Rice which you can check out here: Freerice.com http://freerice.com/

Enjoy this lovely fall weather!


Miriam and Suzanne