3A Friday Note

Dear 3A Parents,

Excitement mounted this week as we gave out parts and scripts for the play and began to block scenes! We expect everyone to bring there scripts home and back to school every day and to practice at home frequently. There will be no written homework next week to allow time for this. (40 minutes of reading is still expected.)

You can help your child with his or her lines and cues. Students are not expected to memorize their lines, but they are expected to read them smoothly, loudly, slowly, and with expression. One good way to practice is for them to read their lines to a family member from the other side of a closed door, from the other end of a long hall, or from a different floor in the house. The listener should be able to hear the lines clearly! It's also helpful if the listener reads the line or stage direction that comes right before the line(s) your child is working on.

This week your child can tell you about...

  • Math puzzles
  • Science vocabulary: organism, habitat, niche, ecosystem, macroinvertebrate
  • What it's like to live on the minimum wage
  • Child labor today
  • The wage gap between men and women in the US
  • What was surprising about the poems we read in class yesterday
  • Our discussion with Matt about digital responsibility
  • Encuentro this morning
  • Our visit to the Schuylkill Center today

Enjoy the weekend!

Miriam and Josh