3A Weekly Note

Dear 3A Parents,

The play writing is almost finished! Today we did a read through of all but the very last scene. There are many wonderful thespians in the group and we are looking forward to giving life to all the characters for whom we’ve written lines. The children gave us their choices as far as size of part, characters, and scenes. They signed a “contract” which states that they understand that they may not get any of their choices and that they will do their best with whatever part or parts they get! We do our best to make the casting as fair as possible but there are inevitably some disappointments. And the disappointments are inevitably good learning opportunities!

This weekend your child can tell you about:

  • Langston Hughes’s childhood
  • His or her favorite parts of the play
  • Our read-aloud book, The Circuit
  • The “I Am” poem she or he wrote
  • Park Bench - our new drama game!

Happy weekend - and Happy Passover to those of you celebrating! Please note the calendar posting about the Move-Up meeting for 3rd grade parents on May 3.


MIriam and Josh

P.S. For those of you still making summer plans. Josh is running two City Country Camps that might be of interest: “History Detectives: Philadelphia Edition” (6/27-7/1) and “ARTrageous” (7/5-⅞)