3A Weekly Note

Dear 3A Parents,

Thanks to all of you for your help with the Immigrant Ancestor Project! We look forward to using the information collected by our young historians during the coming weeks. It is always interesting for the children to see when and how their families and those of their classmates became part of the story of our country.

On Monday we introduced the class to IXL Math - a website used by TPS students of all ages to practice math skills. IXL can be accessed on the third grade page of Student Central on the TPS website. Username is the student’s first name and first letter of last name (lower case no spaces) and password is their regular TPS password. If they log in directly from the IXL site and not through TPS the username has to have @philadelphia added on to it. We suggest students start with Level E and go to D if that feels too frustrating or F if they want more of a challenge. Right now IXL is an optional activity they can do at home. In the future we may assign homework on it occasionally.

This weekend ask your child:

  • what s/he learned about skin color from the book All the Colors We Are: The Story of How We Get Our Skin Color
  • about the differences between fiction and non-fiction and which non-fiction book s/he has been reading 
  • about the story of Molly Bannaky, an English indentured servant in 1680’s Maryland, who became the grandmother of Benjamin Banneker, famous 18th century African-American scientist and mathematician 
  • what happens to water when it is heated and when it is cooled and what s/he observed in our science investigation 
  • about the books Teammates and Sister Anne’s Hands, which we read in connection with the commemoration of Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday.

Enjoy the long weekend! See you on Tuesday.


Miriam and Josh