3A Friday Note

Dear 3A Parents,

This was an exciting week packed with all sorts of events!  Next week we will only have two days of school. On Monday we will spend some time baking brownies – our contribution to Tuesday’s all-school Thanksgiving Feast. The Feast is a longstanding TPS tradition, and students do not need to bring lunches that day.

Thanks to all of you who joined us for the writing celebration – it was a wonderful turn out! We hope to get the published anthology completed within the next few weeks.

In theme our young anthropologists are writing, researching, discussing, and outlining information for their Lenape village topics and will soon begin to map out their stations. We are looking for items to use in our Lenape Village! If you happen to have any of the following items we could borrow, we would greatly appreciate it!

  • long pieces of blue fabric (for water)
  • beige/brown fabric
  • rafia
  • corn stalks
  • large sticks to build a wigwam and other framed items (3’ and 4’ long), other sticks, stones for tools, stones for fire places
  • sea shells (like clam shells), sticks, twine , rope, bones for tools(!) and /or decor, antlers (decor), furs, cattails, other earth materials.

We would also love to have any parents who are interested and have the time, come and help us build!! We will send out dates and times next week.

This weekend ask your child

  • about highlights of our trip to the Lenape Village - if you haven’t already heard 
  • how we are beginning the research for our own Lenape village project 
  • about Trinity Norwood’s presentation on Lenape culture and dance 
  • how good readers walk in their book characters’ shoes 
  • what the characters in our small reading group books  Guests or The Indian School - are like 
  • about our new read-aloud book The Birchbark House 
  • what the minimal collection for a number in base five is 
  • about the photography book This Equals That
  • about today’s Encuentro - the salsa dance performance and the songs we sang 
  • what she or he read during book buddies

Enjoy the weekend - and Happy Thanksgiving in advance!


Miriam and Josh