3A Weekly Note

Dear 3A Parents,

We have asked those of our students who still have a lot of typing to do on their nonfiction Google doc to try to get some of it done this weekend. All pieces should have a table of contents, an introduction, at least three chapters, a conclusion, and a glossary, if needed. To get to their Google doc from home, students should go to the sign-in page of Google Drive and sign in with their TPS email address – that is first name followed by last initial @tpschool.org. From there they log in with their usual TPS password followed by 2021.

We hope you heard about the helmet safety lesson we had on Tuesday. It was presented by two CCP student nurses. They made a powerful case for ALWAYS wearing a bike helmet when biking, as well as wearing appropriate helmets for other sports that have them. Apparently the brain is as fragile as jello - which they demonstrated - but can be well protected during impact by a helmet. Most bike accidents do not happen because of cars but as a result of an uneven surface or inattention. So please insist that your child wear a helmet and make sure you wear one yourself!

Information for your calendar about the third grade plays: The performance dates are Wednesday, May 11 and Thursday, May 12. On the May 11, 3B will perform at 9:15am, and 3A will perform at 1:15pm. On May 12, 3A will perform at 9:15, and 3B will perform at 1:15. Parents are generally invited for the second day (the first is officially a “dress rehearsal”), but you are welcome on the first day if you are unavailable on the second.

This weekend, ask your child:

  • If s/he needs to work on typing this weekend
  • About our activities measuring area 
  • What Bill Nye “the Science Guy” taught us about water 
  • What water cycle project s/he worked on today 
  • What s/he learned about Ellis Island from the virtual interactive tour we took 
  • About the books we read in theme this week: The Lotus Seed, Nadia’s Hands, A Picnic in October, and American Too
  • About Family Circle activities this morning

Have a great weekend!


Miriam and Josh