3B Weekly Note

Dear 3B Families,

With the recent events in our country, we have been intentional about discussions and activities to ensure our 3B classroom community feels safe, connected, and strong. We have also continued on with our daily routines and academic work.

This week, students have been primarily focused on polishing their personal narrative pieces. Our third grade authors have been busy self-editing, peer editing, and teacher editing to prepare for our writing celebration next Wednesday. This will take place at 8:45 a.m. in the 3B classroom, and you are invited to attend.

Another special event that is right around the corner is our all-school annual Thanksgiving feast, which is on Tuesday, November 22. On Monday, November 21, students in 3rd grade and Junior Unit will be making nut-free brownies for the event. We need a few students to bring in bowls (plastic or metal) and spatulas or spoons to stir and scrape the bowl. Please write your name on each, either with permanent marker or using a piece of tape attached to it. The bowl and spatula need to be at school by Monday, November 21, and equipment will be rinsed off before returning home that afternoon or the next day. The brownies are delicious, and the children love making them -- thank you in advance for your help with this!

This weekend, ask your child:

  • the difference between a fragment and a run-on sentence.
  • where commas go in large numbers.
  • about my culture map.
  • about our science seed soak activity.
  • about the nonfiction reading I’m doing in class.

Have a restful weekend,

Diane and Anna