3B Weekly Note

Dear 3B Families,

As you may know, we have started our multiplication and division unit of study. 

The students have learned to label the dimensions of an array to help them find the product of two numbers. Arrays are such a useful way to represent multiplication. The dimensions (length and width) of the rectangle represent the two numbers being multiplied. The total area of the rectangle represents the product of those two numbers. When multiplication problems are represented this way, it is easier for students to see the relationships among the numbers and to see why a variety of strategies for finding the total area (product) make sense. Fact families have also been explored, introducing everyone to the relationship between multiplication and division. We will continue with this exciting unit and hope that you will help your child learn their basic multiplication facts as the weeks go on. 

On Friday, January 27, our class will participate in a Poetry Day event presented by the 6th grade. The sixth graders will recite poems they have written. As a part of this special event they will serve hot chocolate, which will be offered to our class. The hot chocolate is peanut/tree nut free and is the approved brand by the school nurse Sara. 

This week, ask me…

  • about our science investigation on what happens to water at different temperatures;
  • about what is happening in the Home of the Brave;
  • what a proverb or idiom is and to give you an example from our read-aloud;
  • to show you how multiplication and division fact families work;
  • about my informational writing piece and how I am organizing the main ideas;
  • what are some reasons why people chose / choose to immigrate; 
  • what I know / learned about Martin Luther King, Jr.

Have a lovely weekend!


Diane and Anna