3B Weekly Note

Dear 3B Families,

One of our favorite parts of the day is when students reflect at closing circle and share acknowledgements. These were some words of encouragement that your children shared: 

“Thanks for being a great math partner.” 

“You were focused during cursive.”

“You were a good sport playing football.” 

“Thank you for sharing part of your lunch with me when mine fell on the ground at the park.” 

“You worked really hard in writing workshop.” 

“You helped me walk to the nurse when I felt sick.” 

These uplifting comments encourage and inspire each and every member in the classroom. We are lucky to be surrounded by such positive and sincere children every day! 


If you are an immigrant or know a relative, neighbor, or friend who would be willing to come to 3B to share their immigration journey with the children, please be in touch! 

Please send your child to school with some money if he/she wants to buy a pretzel ($1.00) on Monday from Junior Unit B for their hamster fundraiser.

This week, ask me…

  • about our science investigation on density of hot and cold water;
  • about Kek’s new job in Home of the Brave;
  • what prime numbers and prime factors are;
  • what’s happening in my guided reading book;
  • how keyboarding is going; 
  • how I’m organizing my thoughts using 4 square writing.

Have a peaceful weekend!


Diane and Anna