3B Weekly Note

Dear 3B Families,

We have been thoroughly enjoying your children’s immigrant ancestor presentations! What pride and knowledge everyone has shown as they retell their family, or friend’s, history.  The students will work on their mapping skills by pinpointing where each of their classmate’s ancestors emigrated from. From here, we will be discussing the push/ pull factors that went into their ancestors decisions on immigrating. In a morning meeting this week, we had an insightful conversation about the question, “What does an American look like?” This conversation allowed us to write down serious and complex conversation starters for the weeks ahead. We look forward to the rich dialogue that will come of these talks. Please let us know if any of you immigrated to the United States and if you would like to come in and share your story with the class. 

This week, ask me…

  • what happens to water when it freezes;
  • what perimeter means; 
  • how you can find the area of an array when you know the dimensions (length and width);
  • how my non-fiction article is coming along;
  • where my classmates' ancestors emigrated from;
  • how I challenged myself this week.


Third grade potluck: Wednesday, February 1, 6:30-8:30 p.m., in the Garage. Please bring a dessert and/or a beverage to the third grade. RSVP below.


Have a wonderful weekend!

Diane and Anna