3B Weekly Note

Dear 3B Families,

This week we had the pleasure of having two special guests join us in 3B to share their immigration stories. Liliana, a current high school senior at Lower Merion High School, shared her personal story as an undocumented child traveling alone from Guatemala to the United States at the age of fourteen. Students were engaged in every step of her arduous journey, which included long walks in the desert, dangerous boxcar rides, being detained in Arizona, to finally settling in Philadelphia with her foster family. Despite all that Liliana went through, she shared about how her faith allowed her to persevere through obstacles and how thankful she is to have made it to America. Third graders asked  many thoughtful questions, and we encourage you to continue this discussion at home with your child, especially given our current political climate.

Our second visitor was Chloe’s grandfather, Anthony, who shared about his family’s escape from Germany during World War II to seek refuge in England. We learned about Anthony contracting measles as a baby on his flight over to America and the fear of not passing the medical inspection. We also learned about Anthony’s second father who left the comfort of his life in Germany as a well educated and successful businessman to becoming an immigrant in New York City. Finding a job was a struggle, and he eventually enlisted in the military; all the while he was able to sustain through tough moments because of his passion for the piano.

As you can see, these visits allow us to dig deeper into our theme of “Building a More Fair U.S.A.” Students are not only retaining more information about the diversity of immigrant experiences, but they’re also learning to be more empathetic and compassionate citizens in our community. If you are an immigrant, have a friend or relative who is an immigrant, or know someone who has worked with immigrants, please consider a visit to 3B. It is always meaningful to have our studies enriched by personal connections and experiences. 

This week ask me…

  • about my favorite talent show acts;
  • about my book that I’m creating on my school iPad;
  • about our Ellis Island tour online;
  • what multiplication work I’m doing in math;
  • what’s going on in my guided reading group.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Diane and Anna