3B Weekly Note

Dear 3B families,

We hope you have had a great week. We certainly did! Please look out for a Doodle sign-up invitation for the upcoming student-led conferences. The list of advisees/advisors is below. Just sign up for your advisor. You will be receiving sign-up links for these conferences early next week, but we wanted this to be on your radar.

We would like you to know why students are included in these conferences. Student-led conferences offer opportunity for developmentally appropriate self-reflection, and they create a situation in which students must examine their own learning. When they have to gather information and then reflect on the meaning of that information, they are put in a position of assuming responsibility for their actions. And, when students know their strengths and weaknesses, they are capable of making changes in their learning habits. The teacher is moved out of the role of sole informant. Children’s opinions and insights about their learning are equally as important as the teacher’s comments.

ANNA’s advisees

  Anya Boghosian                                   

  Finnian McGarvey                                

  Sonia Borish                                         

  Alexander Brown                                   

  Matthew Furda                                       

  Eleanor Hornsby                                    

  Evelyn Hsu                                            

  Phoebe Bonin                                         

  Senait Behmke                                       

  Gemma Leitzell                                      

  Chloe Kaufman                                     

  Joonho Rider-Lee                                  

  Elijah Teel                                           

DIANE’s advisees

  Degitu Carey                                    

  Paloma Hatch                                     

  Quincy Winslow                                

  Charles Hewson                                 

  Julien O’Hanlon    

  Avery Goodheart                                 

  Jade Bennett                                       

  Margot Groundwater       

  Miriam Acker        

  Saleemah Brown                               

  Daniel Strong                                      

  Lucas Johnson                                   

  Dylan Kellich                                        


This week ask me…

  • about the Shakespearean plays we saw;
  • to tell you what evaporation is;
  • about Epic, our new online book resource;
  • about the different stops at Ellis Island that immigrants had to visit before "landing" in America;
  • how my friendships are going.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Diane and Anna