3B Weekly Note

Dear 3B Families,

We started our biography reading unit of study, which nicely correlates with our theme unit of study, Building a More Fair USA. Students will be reading to explore messages that various biographies offer the world. They will be thinking about why this person’s life was written about and the idea that one person’s life story often represents the story of a larger group of people. Our students will work together to cite specific examples from these people’s lives that demonstrate persistence, true courage and what it is to overcome significant obstacles. We hope you have time to enjoy reading biographies with your child. The students have shown great interest in wanting to talk about who they are learning about and it has sparked great conversation.

This week ask me…

  • What I learned from our immigrant guest speaker, 
  • How I prepared for our upcoming science assessment
  • About our water wall and what I created on it
  • How my biography reading is going
  • What I know about immigrant children’s schooling in the early 1900’s 
  • What I know about immigrant children’s need to work 
  • What I am reading in guided reading
  • How our presentations went in the Primary Unit

Have a super weekend!

Diane and Anna