3B Weekly Note

Dear 3B Families,

Your children have begun their preparations for leading their parent conferences next week. Why are students included in this conference? There are several reasons: 

  • to give children a voice and shared power
  • to encourage a sense of ownership for learning
  • to foster risk-taking
  • to foster critical thinking and decision-making
  • to build strong student-teacher-parent relationships
  • to encourage organization
  • to give students opportunities to experiment with oral discussion 
  • to encourage children to take a role in problem-solving

Here are some ways in which you can support your child in his/her conference:

  • Express confidence in your child’s ability to participate in the conference: “I can see you are organized and ready to begin.”
  • Ask specific questions about your child’s work and learning: “What did you learn when you did this work? Do you think you need more practice in this?”
  • Give positive feedback:
    • “I’m really proud of the work that you have shown me/us.”
    • “I can see that you are getting better at…”
    • “I can see that you tried hard.”
    • “I can see the growth in…”
    • “I didn’t know you could…”
  • Help your child to formulate goals:
    • “What will you work on next?”
    • “What are you most proud of this year?”
    • “What has been hard or challenging for you?”
    • “How can I help you?”

Student-led conferences are a rewarding experience for everyone, and we look forward to sharing them with you!

This week ask me…

  • about what water molecules look like in three different states
  • division work I’m doing in math
  • about the math game fuzzy ducky
  • to you examples of civil rights
  • our read aloud on Pi
  • who Dolores Huerta is and what traits she has
  • what I’m reading on EPIC
  • about the life of Effa Manley
  • how Angel Island differs from Ellis Island

Have a wonderful weekend!

Diane and Anna