3B Weekly Note

Dear 3B Families,

We have officially begun writing our play! We have had several productive play writing sessions and our scenes are beginning to take shape. The children have also continued to practice acting warm-ups and theater games with MR, our teaching artist from Philadelphia Young Playwrights.

We are continuing our in-depth study on immigration by focusing on Angel Island. The students are comparing and contrasting the differences between the two immigration stations and how the reception for the Asian immigrants was quite different from that given to European immigrants on the East Coast. The students have also been comparing the experiences of different immigrant groups that passed through Angel Island, including the Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Russian, and Filipino. We’ve had some good discussions about discrimination, exclusion acts, and quotas, and the students are passionate about such injustices! We can’t wait to share all of our learning through our upcoming play.


The Student Council is having a pretzel sale on Monday April 17. Pretzels are $1 each (no mustard). Proceeds help support the Middle School Spring Fling and a worthy community cause yet to be determined.

This week ask me…

  • about the Bobbin Girl book we read in theme;
  • about the fractions game we played in math;
  • what an organism is and examples of environments;
  • what biography I’m reading with my partner;
  • about our dances in PE;
  • about Maisie, our special visitor;
  • what we did at SCEE.

Have a wonderful weekend and holiday to those of you who are celebrating!

Diane and Anna