3B Weekly Note

Dear 3B Parents,

It is so hard to believe, but here it is -- our last Friday note of the year! We are so proud of how hard your children have worked and all the learning and growing they’ve done in so many ways this year! Thank you for your trust in us and your partnership. What a stellar year it has been!

Next week is full of special events. Monday is Move-Up Day. Third graders will spend about an hour in the Junior Unit, reconnecting with the current fourth graders, meeting teachers, and learning about the Junior Unit. 

Thursday is the annual third grade “pool” party. We will set up a sprinkler in the yard and serve popsicles. Your child will need a bathing suit, an extra pair of sneakers (to get wet) or flip flops, a towel, and a plastic bag in which to bring their wet things home. This is always a great event, even if it gets a bit chilly! 

Friday is Graduation. Students are asked to dress up a bit in honor of the graduating eighth graders.

We have told the students that the crayfish are up for grabs! If you would like one as a pet, please let one of us know by e-mail. We will give you care instructions, and you can carry it home in the container it is in. They are easy to take care of and quite "cute"!

This week, ask me:

  • What is a parallelogram?
  • What is a quadrilateral?
  • How have you explored shapes so far?
  • How was the last book buddies session?
  • What have you written about for persuasive writing?
  • What makes your writing persuasive?
  • What is your read aloud?
  • about drawing the world map;
  • what I did in family circles;
  • about Rainbow Day.

Have a lovely weekend!

Diane and Anna