3B Weekly Note

Dear 3B Parents,

We hope you have heard about our germinating seeds! Yesterday in science we set up an investigation to see if seeds would grow with just water and sunlight. Ask your child what has been happening. See if s/he can tell you some of the new seed vocabulary we’ve been using. And today we planted seeds to take home so your child will need a sunny windowsill!

Next Thursday we will be visiting Pennsbury Manor, a recreation of the manor house built by William Penn between 1682 and 1686. Thanks to those of you who sent back completed permission forms. Children for whom we do not have forms will not be able to go on the trip. If you or your child has misplaced the form, please let us know and we’ll send home another one.

This weekend, ask your child...

  • about their leads for their personal narratives;
  • how and why the first people came to North America thousands of years ago;
  • how the word work assessment went yesterday;
  • about the high school string players from Iceland who performed for us yesterday.

Enjoy the weekend!

Anna and Diane