3B Weekly Note

Dear 3B Families,

In light of Columbus Day, we started off the week learning about Christopher Columbus from the perspective of a young Taino boy in the book Encounter. Before reading, students shared how “Christopher Columbus discovered America.” Afterwards, they began to realize that “Wait a minute-he didn’t discover it, he took over!” Our third grade historians were surprised at the difference in perspectives and also saddened to hear how many Native American cultures, languages, and lives were lost.

This week we have also started guided reading. This is a small group reading session that meets once a week under the guidance of a teacher. It allows children to read aloud turn by turn, think and discuss more deeply about the content, and sometimes write about the shared text. The books that we have chosen are Guests and The Indian School and tie in with our Native American study in the fall. Our readers have been so engaged and enthusiastic about these books already!


This week, ask me…

  • about the continent song 
  • what I did during word work centers 
  • the snapshot autobiography 
  • about loops and groups in math 
  • what a curmudgeon is 
  • some ways seeds are dispersed 
  • what we’re singing in Chorus 
  • what dance we’re learning in Music 
  • writing strategies I learned from our mentor text, “Come on Rain” 
  • patterns I noticed in our October calendar 
  • the faculty vs. 8th grade volleyball game 
  • our lesson with Jordan, the Environmental Specialist at the Schuylkill Center


Class pictures will take place on Wednesday, 10/21


  • Reading daily for 30 minutes and logging
  • Snapshot Autobiography due Monday


Here are upcoming field trips for the month of October.

  • Thursday, 10/22 Bartram’s Garden 
  • Wednesday, 10/28 Pennsbury Manor

Have a wonderful weekend!

Diane and Anna