3B Weekly Note

Dear Parents,

Hat off to our young playwrights and performers! We are so proud of all of your children’s hard work over the past several weeks. We hope you enjoyed the show.

Below is the schedule for the Dream Flag Festival. The event will take place at the Constitution Center this Saturday, May 14.

10-11:30 Festival Activities in the Grand Overlook: All activities are free. T shirts are for sale for $10.

  • Exhibition of Thousands of Dream Flags from area and remote schools. 
  • Group Art Activity 
  • Open Mike for Dream Flags 
  • Bingo Flag Search & Tatoo Activity
  • Dream Flag Button Making and Decoration
  • Learning about Langston (Hughes) Activity
  • Scavenger Hunt

11:30 - 12:45 Celebration Gathering in the Kirby Auditorium:

  • Welcome and song 
  • Introductory remarks by Jenna Winterle of The National Constitution Center 
  • 2016 Dreamer Awards 
  • Poems from representative poets from each school or group with improvisational music 
  • Closing with Dream Flag Song http://dreamflags.org/uploads/pdfs/DreamFlagSong.mp3.


This week, ask me…

  • About the difference between male and female crayfish 
  • What the definition of a crustacean is 
  • Some facts about crayfish behavior 
  • About my dream poem 
  • The recital 
  • What I’m reading during SSR 
  • What I learned from 3A’s play 
  • How it feels to have accomplished the third grade play!

SAVE THE DATE: Our field trip to the Museum of Industry in Baltimore, MD will be on 5/31 leaving school at 8:15am.

Have a relaxing weekend!

Warmly, Diane and Anna