3B Weekly Note

Dear 3B Families,

It was wonderful to have so many of you join us for Back-to-School Night on Wednesday! We hope you found the evening informative and enjoyable. It was such a pleasure to connect with you and to give you a window into your child’s daily life in the classroom. If you were not able to attend we will send home some handouts with your child.

We had a busy week after the long weekend! Due to the rainy day, we stayed at school instead of going to the Schuylkill Center this week. We built in plenty of time for Sustained Silent Reading (SSR) which is a favorite activity of many children. 

The highlights of our week, however, were the speeches students made to run for Student Council class representative. We had a total of 15 brave children who shared sincere and articulate speeches. Once each candidate gave his or her speech, students cast their top two votes. The results revealed that each candidate got multiple votes and it certainly was a close call. Please join us in congratulating Mira Khurana as our 3B student council representative!


This week, ask me…

  • How my typing is going
  • How we do birthday celebrations in 3B
  • What the difference is between reporting and storytelling
  • What I think history is
  • Why we study history
  • Who is a part of history
  • What the five finger rule is for good fit books
  • How to spell: fruit, organism, and properties
  • What the definition of a seed is
  • How my first family circle went 
  • The importance of the equal sign
  • To tell time on an analog clock

School will be in session 10/9 (It was originally scheduled for Professional Development).

Reading daily for 30 minutes and logging.
Optional: Typing Pal

Here are upcoming field trips for the month of October.

10/22 Bartram’s Garden
10/28 Pennsbury 

Have a great weekend!

Anna and Diane