3B Friday Note

Dear Parents,

We had a very productive week! As you know, the class is deep into their nonfiction articles. They have made incredible progress the last few days and their pieces are looking more professional each and every day! Students who have not finished typing need to finish typing over the long weekend. The students will begin to design their articles in Lucid Press later next week. In case of login issues for the student Google Accounts, here is some advice:

In order for a student to access his/her TPS GAFE Google Account's Drive successfully at home, all other Google Accounts (personal, business, etc.) must be logged out / signed out. Due to the "school domain" nature of your student's account, no "Drive sharing" is permitted across other accounts. It is recommended that Google Chrome be used as the internet browser.

If you do not wish to log out / sign out of your Google accounts, an alternative would be to open an Incognito Window (click on the "File" option in the menu bar and select the "New Incognito Window" option) in Google Chrome. The student can use this separate window to sign into Drive without interference from other logged-in Drives. *Warning: All searches and browser history will not save in this "private mode." Therefore, it is difficult to discover whether the student has navigated to other sites unless strict supervision is implemented during this time.*

Have a lovely weekend!

Diane and Anna


This week, ask me…

  • how I organized non-fiction articles into boxes and bullets 
  • what I most liked about the interactive Ellis Island Tour 
  • about the cursive letters I worked on this week 
  • how I felt about multiplication and division story problems 
  • was it challenging to write my own story problems for others to solve 
  • how writing two conclusions helped me to make a stronger conclusion to my article 
  • about our theme read-alouds 
  • what I am doing in my specials classes 
  • how the recital was on Tuesday afternoon 
  • what we started to read in my guided reading group 
  • all about Anna’s immigration story 
  • the Lady Liberty video 
  • what I wrote in my postcard pretending to be an immigrant from the 1900’s 
  • about the talent show