3B Friday Note

Dear 3B Families,

What a terrific week of school! We are so pleased to see that the students are challenging themselves each day, working to understand new concepts, and having fun all at the same time. Bravo!

This week, we started to think like historians. One of the questions we asked the students to think about and discuss was, “How can stories of the same event differ when everyone is telling the truth?” Exploring questions like these will give the students insight into the nature of history and will prepare them to engage in deep conversations. We have read captivating books about perspectives and hope your children will discuss these books with you. Early next week, your children will be asking you your version of an important event that took place in their life. They have already written what they remember. The second step for them will be to write what the other person (who was present) remembers and then compare the two! This project will create a foundation for them to reflect on the process of how history is written and how they perceive and try to understand other’s viewpoints. They will also realize that they are, indeed, a part of history! We have already had insightful conversations around these issues and look forward to many more!

Several people have asked for our weekly schedule, please see the attachment above.

Have a lovely weekend!


Anna and Diane


This week, ask me…

  • about the video ‘If you could change one thing about your body what would it be?’ Here is a link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0tEcxLDDd4
  • about people’s perspectives on various events 
  • how I thought I did on my word work assessment 
  • Alvaro’s last day!! 
  • how writing ‘bit by bit’ helps one's writing 
  • to show you how to use an ‘open number line’ when solving multi-digit addition problems 
  • about our seed exploration - how many seeds can be found in various fruits? 
  • what the work estimate means 
  • what we explored at the Schuylkill Environmental Center 
  • what my favorite morning meeting greeting was this week