3B Weekly Note

Dear 3B Families,

As you may have already heard, third grade conferences in March will be student led. This will be the very first time third graders are asked to take ownership of their learning and to take the lead on presenting their voices at the table.

Student-included conferences offer an opportunity for developmentally appropriate self-reflection, and they create a situation in which students must examine their own learning. When they have to gather information and then reflect on the meaning of that information, they are put in a position of assuming responsibility for their actions. And when students know their strengths and weaknesses, they are capable of making changes in their learning habits. The teacher is moved out of the role of sole informant. Children’s opinions and insights about their learning are equally important as the teacher’s comments.

Additionally, student-led conferences

  • give children voice and shared power,
  • foster risk-taking, critical thinking and decision-making,
  • build strong student-teacher-parent relationships,
  • encourage organization,
  • give students opportunity to practice expressing themselves orally,
  • and encourage children to take a role in problem-solving.

You should have received an email with the conference sign-up links. Please sign up if you haven’t already.

Enjoy the warm weekend!

Diane and Anna


This week, ask me…

  • about the young immigrants I got to learn about online 
  • how the multiplication and division story problems my classmates and I created and solved 
  • multiplication fact families 
  • what a run on sentence is -
  • about Lucidpress and what I learned to do with Matt, the tech specialist 
  • what songs I’m learning in music class 
  • the salsa club performance 
  • about guided reading this week on Angel Island or Vietnamese refugees 
  • the difference between main idea and supporting details 
  • the information I learned from the immigration graphs and charts 
  • about Ame’s dad’s immigration story
  • about Encuentro