3B Friday Note

Dear Parents,

What a busy week! The students are diving into many new units of study, and we applaud their continued hard work and resilience!

Our study of the Lenape has been enthusiastically embraced by all. Our trip to the Churchville Nature Center was incredibly informative, and it allowed the students to raise questions about the Lenape life-style and, to more easily, compare and contrast our culture to theirs. The students are writing, researching, discussing, and outlining information for their chosen topic and will soon begin to map out their station within our Lenape Village. They are now realizing that we are not joking; we are making a village in our classroom! We are looking for items to use in our Lenape Village. If you happen to have any of the following items we could borrow, we would greatly appreciate it:

Long pieces of blue fabric (for water), beige/brown fabric, rafia, corn stalks, large sticks to build a wigwam and other framed items (3’ and 4’ long), other sticks, stones for tools, stones for fire places, sea shells (like clam shells), sticks, twine , rope, bones for tools(!!) and /or decor, antlers (decor), furs, cattails….earth materials.

We would also love to have any parents who are interested and have the time, come and help us build!! We will send out dates and times next week.

Thank you!


This week, ask me…

  • all about the our trip to the Lenni Lenape Village 
  • who is Trinity? 
  • what did she teach us about her family and her culture? 
  • what is culture? 
  • about the culture map (venn diagrams) I created that compare and contrast the Lenape culture and our own culture. 
  • what book I am reading with my partner at school 
  • to share with you my favorite "wide awake" moment in my book 
  • what the expanded notation would be for 478 
  • How the recital went on Wednesday 
  • what are we studying in science
  • about my Lenape group and what will we be focusing on 
  • how I feel I am doing on my fluency facts 
  • what we are working on in Spanish 
  • if I am volunteering my opinion during classroom discussions

SAVE THE DATE: Friday, 12/11 at 10:00am or 2pm, Lenape Village (more information to come!)

Have a restful weekend!

Anna and Diane