3B Weekly Note

Dear 3B Families,

We are continuing our in-depth study on immigration by focusing on Angel Island. The students are already comparing and contrasting the differences between the two immigration stations, which has led to some heartfelt conversations. This week they are exploring the reasons why the reception for the Asian immigrants was quite different from that given to European immigrants on the East Coast. The students have been captivated by the following books: Coolies by Yin, Landed by Milly Lee, and Paper Son: Lee’s Journey to America (Tales of Young Americans) by Helen Foster James. The walls of our room are becoming full of your children’s thoughts and insights on this subject - come by and check it out when you can!


If you haven’t already done so, please make sure you sign up for the spring conference, which will be student-led. Please make sure you are the only one signing up for a specific time slot.

Also, please remember that you can sign up for a conference with Rick to discuss your child’s work in art: http://doodle.com/poll/kqwpvbwingb5wzcz

Here are the dates and times for the Third Grade plays:

Wednesday, May 11

  • 3B 9:15 a.m. 
  • 3A 1:45 p.m.

Thursday, May 12

  • 3A 9:15 a.m.
  • 3B 1:45 p.m.

SAVE THE DATE: The 3rd grade class trip to the Museum of Industry in Baltimore, MD, is scheduled for May 31. The bus will leave school at 8:15 a.m. and return by 5:30 p.m.


This week, ask me…

  • how I made a model of a water molecule? 
  • what two elements is water made up of? 
  • to read some big numbers with you! (34,734,501) 
  • about Lucid Press and how my article is coming along 
  • to tell you about the different immigrant groups we have read about so far -
  • about my guided reading groups and what we are reading 
  • about how the Chinese immigrants were treated once they arrived at Angel Island 
  • about the books we have been reading on immigration 
  • to tell you about the Angel Island photographs that we explored and wrote our thoughts about 
  • how I felt I did on my multiplication and division assessment 
  • what I read when I have SSR time in school 
  • to teach you about what we are learning in Spanish

Have a lovely weekend!

Anna and Diane