3B Friday Note

Dear 3B Families,

It has been a wonderful week full of learning! We are digging deeper into our study of immigration. We started the week by watching a video of President Obama’s speech on immigration ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aiXuEk_CyWs), and discussed the meaning behind “us” vs. “them” and the quote, "Unless you're Native American, you came from someplace else." We have also been discussing some of the many reasons why people immigrate. Ask your child to give you examples of “push” and “pull” factors.

We have also been reading about the waves of immigrants, particularly immigrants arriving in Ellis Island. We read to the children a book called Emma’s Poem and talked about the symbolism of the Statue of Liberty. To complement this, students have been exploring primary documents and taking a virtual tour of Ellis Island. If your child is interested in spending more time on the virtual tour, here is the link.  


This week, ask me…

  • how my family circle lunch went 
  • about the cooperative balancing stick activity 
  • how I did on my word work assessment 
  • what I know about global warming 
  • why pipes may burst in the winter 
  • about the arrays activity in math 
  • what I’m writing about in my informational book and Google docs 
  • what’s happening to Kek and his job in our read aloud book 
  • facts about the Statue of Liberty 
  • the strategy I learned to multiply large numbers 
  • about Mira’s mom’s immigration story 
  • what my kindergarten book buddy taught me about the friendship belt 
  • the Korean folk song I’m learning in music class

SAVE THE DATE: February 9 at 2pm: The 3rd grade and Junior Unit recital will take place in the gym.


The no candy policy still holds on Valentine’s Day. On Thursday, February 11 students may bring in Valentines to distribute to each of his/her classmates.

Have a fabulous weekend!


Diane and Anna