3B Weekly Note

Dear 3B Families,

This week third grade writers have been busy revising their personal narrative pieces. We have been focusing on writing satisfying endings and elaborating the heart of stories. We are impressed with your children’s increased writing stamina, descriptive details, and persevering attitude as they polish their work to make it the best that it can be. Over the long weekend, some students may need to finish writing a clean draft so that they can be ready start the editing process with a peer and teacher. This should be written on separate writing paper that we provided.

With conferences coming up next week, both students and teachers have been taking the time to reflect on the first few weeks of third grade. Your children have done thoughtful evaluating on themselves as community members and learners. We can’t wait to share their work with you at our parent-teacher conference next week. Please check back to the doodle link to remember your scheduled meeting time: http://doodle.com/poll/vbih2fmnyd9q9und.


This week, ask me…

  • what I did in the Quill Room at Pennsbury Manor 
  • what chore the youngest child had to do during Colonial times 
  • about the different rooms in William Penn’s home 
  • how long it would take to travel to Philadelphia by boat 
  • the significance of October 29, 1682 
  • the story about the Pecos and Fermis in the land of Bagel 
  • strategies I can use to decode unfamiliar words in reading 
  • what endings I’ve tried in my writing 
  • when to start new paragraphs 
  • how I feel about addition with regrouping 
  • about our germinating seeds 
  • the Halloween parade/alternative activity 
  • how we earned extra play time this week


  • Reading daily for 30 minutes and logging. 
  • A clean draft of the personal narrative piece due Wednesday.

SAVE THE DATE: November is a busy month!

  • Friday, 11/6 Awbury Arboretum 
  • Thursday, 11/12 at 9am Author Celebration in 3B classroom 
  • Monday, 11/16 Churchville Nature Center (Lenape Village) 
  • Wednesday, 11/18 at 8:35 Third Grade/Junior Unit Music Recital

Enjoy your weekend!

Diane and Anna