Friday Note 3B


Dear Parents,

We have had such a busy and inspiring week! As you may know, there was no homework this past week, except for reading through scripts. This will continue next week as well. We have asked the students to try to memorize their lines, say them with expression, and to project their voices so an audience can hear them clearly! We are so pleased at the work each student has put into this already. The students can practice in front of a mirror, recite their lines for you (or any family member) and let you know what their blocking consists of!


This week, ask me…

  • To give you an example of personification in poetry 
  • About my Dream Poem so far 
  • To tell you about "Dream Keeper" by Langston Hughes 
  • About practicing in the Garage space for the play 
  • What is a habitat 
  • About what nurse Sara taught us on sun safety and hydration 
  • What we did at the Schuylkill Center


  • 3B’s play will be on Wednesday, 5/11 at 1:45PM and Thursday, 5/12 at 9:15am 
  • The Dream Flag Project celebration will take place on Saturday, May 14 between 10:00AM and 12:30pm
  • Our field trip to the Museum of Industry in Baltimore, MD will be on 5/31 leaving school at 8:15am

REMINDER: Students should wear long cotton pants and long-sleeved, light colored shirts on Schuylkill Center days. Please pack your child a water bottle!

Have a super weekend!


Diane and Anna