3B Weekly Note

Dear 3B Parents,

We hope everyone had the opportunity to enjoy the Winter Concert! What a talented group of students we have!

Alicia Parks, a member of the education staff at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, visited us to present an interactive lesson about the history of Philadelphia through maps. Ask your child to tell you what s/he learned about how the city grew!

We sent home the information and sheets for the annual third grade immigrant ancestor research project. Please ask your child to show you the packet. The project is not due until Monday, 1/11/16, but we like to send it home before winter break in case family gatherings make for some good times to collect information from folks your child may not see that often.

We have asked our students to keep up with their 30 or more minutes of daily reading over the break. However, there are no reading responses due. Please feel free to go to the 3rd grade page and explore what is in the math resources link and have your children show you what they are doing in their typing program!

We wish all of you a fantastic winter break, filled with joyous holidays, fun adventures, and peaceful times! Thank you, TPSA, for the generous Holiday Gift Cards!

Anna and Diane


Ask me . . . 

  • What is surface tension?
  • What happens to water in space? 
  • What happens to a drop of water when it drops into a cup of water? 
  • Why is water called an earth material? 
  • What is happening in our read aloud? 
  • How is the guided reading book going?
  • Have I read all of the personal narratives in our classes anthology? 
  • How many squares are there on a chessboard? 
  • What we did with our book buddies on Friday?