3B Weekly Note

Dear Parents,

We hope that you have had a great week. 3B has been as busy as ever! As you know from last week’s note, we have started blogging! We encourage parent participation in commenting on student reviews once they are published. We anticipate the comments starting next week, when we will have more blog reviews posted. Below is the login information.

The join code for Guests is 7di9bay. (parents)

If each of the "guests" or parents have the guest code and a link to your blog (which can be found at the bottom of the window once you click the "join codes" button), they can enter the info and sign up to Kidblog with their own email address or Google Account. I believe you can manage commenting privileges on your end as the admin/teacher for the blog.

The expiration date you're seeing is a temporary one. Kidblog is set up such that, after a small period of time, it disables join codes for the security of the site. You can always re-enable any disabled/expired code (for teachers, students, and guests). [I just tested it out an older blog that I created.] You'll see the enable/disable buttons to the right of the codes.

An important note: Our trip to Baltimore is on Tuesday! Please make sure your child has a lunch and plenty of snacks for the journey to Baltimore and back. We will provide water. Please remember to be punctual as we leave school at 8:15.

Please have a safe and fun filled Memorial Day weekend!

Best, Diane and Anna


This week (we are keeping it short), ask me…

  • What biographies am I reading 
  • How our crayfish are doing 
  • What I am blogging about What a congruent shape is -
  • How many sides does the smallest polygon have?
  • How do I find the perimeter of a rectangle or square?

Enjoy the long weekend.

Anna and Diane