3B Weekly Note

Dear Parents,

Happy New Year! It has been a busy and exciting week of getting back into the classroom routines and starting some new topics of study!

As you may have heard, we dove into nonfiction reading. Most of your children’s reading time in school will now be channeled toward reading nonfiction texts. We will expect them to read self-chosen, high-interest nonfiction texts of all sorts-whether physical books or digital ones. In fact, we are happy to tell you that your children have access to hundreds of eBooks through our class’ subscription to RAZ-Kids. Students can read, listen to, and take comprehension quizzes through this website. You can access it on the 3rd Grade TPS Student Central page https://sites.google.com/a/tpschool.org/tps-studentcentral/3rd-grade-site using the information below:

Click on: Raz-Kids for 3B
Username: Click on student’s name.
Password: Student’s TPS password

Please note: Reading books on RAZ-Kids is an option for students. It is certainly fine for your children to continue reading fiction at home as well.

Nonfiction reading will also go hand in hand with our new theme focus on immigration. However, reading about it is a completely different experience than having an immigrant share their story in person! If you are an immigrant or know a relative, neighbor, or friend who would be willing to come to 3B to share their immigration journey with the children, please be in touch!


This week, ask me…

  • about our investigation on how water flows 
  • what I wrote for my new learning and for my new community goal 
  • how the Star assessments seemed to go 
  • about the ending of our read-aloud, The Birchbark House 
  • what immigration means -
  • what I learned from the books Coming to America and If America Were a Village 
  • about my nonfiction reading goal 
  • a fact I learned from my nonfiction reading 
  • about my first informational writing piece 
  • what we presented during the Friday Encuentro


The ancestor/immigrant project is due Thursday, January 14th. 

This month, Student Council is working with a program called Instant RePlay to collect gently used toys. These donations will go to support families connected with the Nationalities Service Center and APM, both of which are Philadelphia organizations that work with kids and families in need. If you have any toys, puzzles, or books that you'd like to donate to the Instant RePlay collection, please put them in the bin in the front office.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Diane and Anna