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Progressive by design, joyful by experience.

The Philadelphia School opened its first classroom 50 years ago with a focus on Progressive Education. Decades later, we remain a leader and whole-hearted champion for the educational philosophy we were founded upon.

Since 1972, The Philadelphia School has grown in a variety of ways, but our growth has been rooted firmly in the progressive educational approach that inspired our founders: immersive learning, responsive pedagogy, and meaningful engagement with the world. 

We approach learning through inquiry, projects, and community. Our interdisciplinary, theme-based approach prepares students to build a stronger and more inclusive school, community, and society for today and tomorrow. Beyond academics, students become advocates, not only for themselves, but for others as active citizens in our city, country, and world. As each child progresses forward, they find their place as learners and as individuals.

Students come to TPS filled with curiosity and joy. We make sure to keep it that way.

Whole Child

Student Voice


Social Justice


Active Engagement

Academic Mastery

Thematic Learning