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We are Preschool to Eighth Grade By Design

TPS has been purposeful in creating an educational experience that starts in preschool and ends in eighth grade, where we graduate confident and self-aware leaders. All the while, TPS students feel completely comfortable just being children. 

We believe wonder and joy are essential ingredients in every classroom, and we honor children by allowing them to be who they are right now. By putting these foundational years at the center of everything we do, our students gain a deep and lasting understanding of who they are as learners and excitement to explore what’s ahead.

Our community is built upon tight and meaningful relationships that help us all listen and learn. Our students stay kids longer, find their growing edges and learn from (and with) each other along the way. They lead and share in TPS milestones, and graduate feeling known and celebrated by an entire community. They emerge as confident leaders with a true sense of self and confidence to take on what’s next. 

Younger longer. Leaders sooner.

Leadership takes many forms throughout the years at TPS. In a preschool-eighth grade setting, students experience age-appropriate activities and events without the influence and pressure of older students; they can be themselves, often remaining “younger” a bit longer.

From the beginning, children share expertise, rely on each other as classmates, and show great care towards one another. Over time students learn to build confidence and leadership skills and know how to advocate for themselves and others.

During middle school, unique opportunities arise to serve as leaders in our school community as they support and encourage those in the earlier grades. As the oldest students on campus, middle schoolers have unique opportunities to be leaders in our community. They are student council officers, athletic stars, a capella soloists, and chess champions. They lead book groups, run the classroom recycling program, organize the talent show, spirit week, the school store, and mentor younger schoolmates. They learn to bring those qualities to their broader communities, in high school and beyond.

Climate March

In order to change the world, they’ll need to learn all about it.

When a child is entering preschool, it’s impossible to predict the best high school for that child. By 8th grade, having come to know themselves deeply as learners while at TPS, they are able to be active participants in the process of selecting the high school that will best allow their passions and dreams to thrive. 

Their time at TPS has given them skills to navigate future challenges and has helped them develop self-advocacy, clarity, and compassion. The culminating 8th grade year provides an opportunity for self-reflection and a voice to determine what’s next.

Students graduate TPS with a love of learning that sticks with them and they are ready for the transition to high school. Most are accepted to the schools of their choice and go on to attend well-known public and private schools in the area. TPS has a strong reputation among these schools as an excellent source of well-adjusted ninth graders. Teacher’s at these high schools cite our graduates as flexible thinkers, skillful writers, independent learners, talented athletes and artists, and collaborative team members.

Students learn the value of civic duty. And that’s just preschool.

Even our smallest learners are taught leadership skills including expressing opinions, standing up for what they believe in and advocating for themselves. It is during the elementary years that a child’s academic strengths, interests, and learning styles are developed. It is when children discover themselves as learners, friends, and community contributors.  We help students develop the knowledge and skills to create change through civic engagement. 

We prepare our students for their future, no matter what it brings, and create confident champions for a just and equitable world. It’s why we hear “There’s something about a TPS kid,” time and time again.