The Philadelphia School Association 2013-2014


All parents and guardians are members of The Philadelphia School Association (TPSA). TPSA supports TPS families by facilitating communication, providing enrichment and outreach opportunities, and sponsoring community-building events.  The school is grateful for the work of the individuals listed below, as well as the scores of parent volunteers who worked with them during the 2013-2014 school year.

President: Erica Salvi
Vice-President: Gemina Gianino
Secretary: Mica Greene
BUILDS: Theresa Timlin & Beth Lundy
Event Planning: Robin Parke
Community Service: Caren Cohen
Green Team: Michelle Niedermeier
Hospitality: Lavonia Waddington & Mark Goodheart
New Family Welcome: Lainie Leitzell
Parent Education: Beth Lundy
Family Diversity: Nina Rivera, Christine Chisholm & John Stone
Community Response: Victoria Bastian
Parent Technology: Cliff Ward

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