The Philadelphia School Fund

Make your gift today and see your direct impact on: 1) Faculty salaries and professional development; 2) Class trips (last year we had over 50!); 3) Financial aid for our students; 4) Spanish language and culture; 5) P.E. and interscholastic sports; 6) Visual and performing arts; 7) Our country classroom; and 8) Technology.

“It is such a unique and caring school guided by a brilliant,
loving (yes - loving!) and motivated group of educators who give our
children a wonderful start. TPS is everything a school should
be — both challenging and nurturing. The students clearly love
the place, the teachers, the activities — and each other.”


Our faculty is truly the heart and soul of TPS. It is due, in large part to them, that we continue to be an extraordinary institution that holds curiosity, creative thinking and collaboration at the center of everything we do. Our commitment to building confident, compassionate and global citizens is where we excel. At TPS we believe in working together to ensure that the resources are in place to support an environment where everyone can be their best. You are an important part of this partnership.

In that spirit, we invite you to join us in supporting The Philadelphia School Fund. Last year, we successfully reached $338,000+ with close to 100% participation from Board, 89% Faculty/Staff and 67% of our families. Our goal for the 2016-2017 campaign is to reach even higher in developing and enriching the TPS experience for our children and for generations to come.  

Together, we can exceed last year’s record parent participation. Please remember that no gift is too small and every gift will make a difference.


This year, THE PHILADELPHIA School FUND HELPed Support


In the Classroom

Building a space station • Silk Road Simulation • 7th grade Zebrafish lab • faculty professional development • creating the friendship toolbox  • Shakespeare Festival  • Thanksgiving lasagnas 



Beyond the Classroom

More than 300 hours per student at The Schuylkill Center • excursions to The Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Franklin Institute, The Kimmel Center • Trips to Washington, DC and Puerto Rico 


Financial Aid

$1.3 million is given annually to 22% of student body • Aid supports our commitment to socioeconomic diversity • includes assistance for after school activities and the 8th grade trip to Puerto Rico