Why I Give

Last year, The Philadelphia School Fund (our Annual Fund) began asking its donors why they choose to give. This has been a wonderful opportunity for us to learn what members of our community value most about TPS. These stories capture the essence and spirit of our school. 

The Philadelphia School Fund dollars go to work immediately to cover the most pressing needs of the school.

Gifts to The Philadelphia School Fund support:

  • Our outstanding Faculty’s compensation and professional development
  • Cutting edge technological resources, teaching supplies, and books
  • Experiential education programs including Seed to Table, SCEE, and numerous class trips
  • Our ability to keep our moderate tuition and a robust financial aid program that supports our commitment to socioeconomic diversity

Here is a glimpse into some of the thoughtful and powerful reflections current and past parents, alumni, grandparents, and faculty and staff have shared:

I give because I’ve been given so much. I believe that all who have something to give, must. I am not particularly blessed financially, but I am abundantly happy, and healthy, and I am surrounded by brilliant educators who are willing to help me every day. I’m giving because I know that others can give more. I’ve been given the opportunity to be my best. I hope my gift, combined with the gifts of my colleagues will inspire others to give in any way they can. I give in order to support The Philadelphia School!
— David Stills, Faculty/staff
TPS helped shape my values as a citizen, as a human, and as a student. Because of TPS, I have a lifelong passion for learning, strong ties to nature and community, and the ability to think creatively and imaginatively about the world, not to mention extraordinary writing skills that continue to serve me professionally to this day.
— Alumni
Every time I go to a school event, meet the teachers...or drop in on Justine I become overwhelmed with emotion - just realizing - again and again- how amazingly fortunate my daughter is to be taught and guided by such a brilliant, loving (yes- loving!) and motivated group of educators
— Parents
TPS provided me with an appreciation for learning...and I want to make sure people of all backgrounds have access to that in the future. And of course as a thanks for letting me impress so many people with my knowledge of tree leaves.
— Alumni
TPS is everything a school should be—both challenging and nurturing. The students clearly love the place, the teachers, the activities—and each other.
— Grandparents
Both our boys are out of college now. Looking back on it, TPS was the best school they attended & had the most beneficial influence.

— Alumni Parents
Turning groups of toddlers into intelligent, tolerant, forward thinking citizens ain’t easy.
— TPS Alumni

Our faculty is truly the heart and soul of TPS. It is due, in large part, to them that we continue to be an extraordinary institution that holds curiosity, creative thinking, and collaboration at the center of everything we do. The fact that 99% of our faculty and staff participated in The Philadelphia School Fund in the 2014-15 school year speaks volumes of the the mutual love and appreciation that exists between TPS and its faculty and staff. At TPS, we believe in working together to ensure that resources are in place to support an environment where everyone can be their best. You are an important part of this partnership.

In that spirit, we invite you to join us in supporting The Philadelphia School Fund. Our goal for the 2015-2016 campaign is to reach even higher in developing and enriching the TPS experience for our children and generations to come.  

Together, we can exceed last year’s record parent participation rate of 71.2%. Please remember that no gift is too small and every gift will make a difference